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The foundation of a great franchise

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Brian Keen and Prue Keen discuss how you can systematize using Franchise Simply SYSTEM. Do you want to learn how to create a franchise system based on operations manuals that are:

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Simple to put together

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Simple for staff and franchisees to use

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Simple to update

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Having been involved with franchises for well over 30 years now, including big groups with capital behind them and little groups servicing a region. I know whatever the size and complexity of the franchise, to delegate well, you need a good system.

A franchise just doesn’t work unless the system works.

The thing is, I know most systems are:
  • Difficult to put together
  • Difficult for staff and franchises to use
  • Difficult to update
Without a great system, creating franchises, each looking, feeling and operating alike is not that easy.

So, we have created FranchiseSimplySYSTEM

A process to create great operations manuals and a software system specially designed to cater for franchise groups.

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Webinar 2nd Recording April 13, 2018