Testimonials for Prue Keen

Simon & Sandra Allars
Age Well Mobile Massage

Simon & I have been involved with Prue Keen for over three years and she was instrumental in guiding us through the franchise process for our business. Prue has an eagle eye for detail and a sharp acumen for systemisation and efficiency. We found her experience invaluable as we worked through the operations manuals for both franchisee and franchisor. Prue has the ability to cut through masses of information and bring clarity and focus on what is really necessary to achieve a good outcome for everyone.

We have no hesitation recommending Prue to anyone seeking assistance in the professional writing arena.

Dave Jenyns
Melbourne SEO and Video

Great writers are hard to find, so when you do find them, it's important to keep them close. That's one of the reasons I've worked with Prue Keen over the years. She is the diamond in the rough who has a great, rounded skills set including copywriting, systems and processes documentation and general writing skills. We often work with Prue directly and even send our clients to her.

Being quick, cost effective and with a great attention to do detail - Prue Keen is highly recommend.

Gordon and Chantale McCallum
Golf Ladies First

What we like most about Prue is that she catered the program we are developing to our individual needs showing great patience and knowledge.

She is always there to help us giving detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to systemise and document our business ultimately resulting in greater understanding and growth; more than we could have imagined.

This is a continual learning curve and one which we are extremely happy to continue with Prue

Lisa Hellwege
Director and Founder of Earworx.

Prue Keen (Franchise Simply) has been a fantastic partner of Earworx since its creation 3 years ago. We have found her knowledge and experience very helpful with our various written needs. We have received a full range of services from Prue from relatively simple proof reading and advice about our various levels of documentation, through to complex strategic work that resulted in our highly successful and useful operations manual.

We would highly recommend Prue Keen anyone who has a need to document their business’s plans, processes or policies. You will find the service offered attentive, efficient, and effective. We are thrilled with our on-going association with Prue Keen and wish to actively encourage others to use her services as they will result in you having better and more useable documentation for your business without doubt.

David McLean
Lead mentor & consultant Mentor for Hire

I have worked with Prue and her husband, Brian, now for over four years, in a range of assignments and activities.

Prue is a most capable writer, very well organised, and extremely professional.

Prue bring a vast range of experience to the table, and is a wiz at writing processes, developing systems and creating business plans. She has the ability to get down to the core of things, and address challenges as required.

The other thing that I believe is very important, is that although Prue has excellence credentials, she also has done the “hard yards”, being a business owner and co-founder of the Micro-Loan Charity, so she has sat in our seat, using her skills for the betterment of others.

It is my pleasure to recommend Prue as an exceptional consultant, and I know that she will work tirelessly to achieve the outcomes desired by her clients.

Scott Fell
Founder & CEO Tutor2You

Prue has been instrumental in assisting us in developing Tutor2you's core business strategy in preparation for expansion and ensuring alignment throughout our subsequent operational and policy documentation.

We would highly recommend Prue to anyone looking to create or hone strategic business plans or policies.

Damien Kimber
Director A Clean Move Group

I’ve been utilising the professional services of Prue Keen since 2017. We have worked together on a number of business systems, manuals and plans during this time. I have always been very impressed with Prue’s methodology and attention to detail, while maintaining succinct and easy to understand business documents.

Prue has been instrumental in our business development with excellent planning and brilliant execution with amazing simplicity

I look forward to continuing our beneficial relationship and have no hesitation in referring Prue for any professional and business writing task

Liz Hannaway
Brilliant Branding Brand Storyteller

Over the last number of years, we have had the pleasure of working with Prue Keen and Franchise Simply as part of their coaching and consulting team for potential franchisors. Prue provides a strategic and professional approach coupled with attention to detail in all aspects of editing, copywriting and documentation. When we executed the rebranding process for Franchise Simply it was a delight to collaborate with Prue. The result was a contemporary website and succinct marketing collateral for the Franchise Simply brand to move forward. Prue’s coordination role in assisting potential franchisors on the sometimes daunting task of documentation has simplified the journey for so many businesses. Her strategic assessments, management flow insights, writing skills and follow-up processes minimise client stalls to achieve their goals for a successful business model. We are delighted to endorse Prue Keen!

Case Studies

National Drones
National Drones

In 2015 over a beer Brad Aylet and Kevin Scrimshaw came up with the concept of National Drones. They met Franchise Simply at the August Melbourne Franchise Expo that year and completed their Franchise Success Path Program in record time to launch their franchise spectacularly at the Sydney Franchise Expo in March 2016. They were buried in enquiries all weekend and it was clear already that their exciting new franchise model had taken off. We worked closely with them at three more expos that year and the growth was such they that they have barely needed to do any promotion since. It was also in 2016 that they merged with Fly UAS pilot training school. The next year they opened a Brisbane office and a respected strategic business partnership invested in the company. This enabled them to open in New Zealand in 2018 and continue their impressive growth overseas.


Aziz Elali had operated a number of businesses over the years, including Pizzarazzi, his premium quality edgy and fun concept pizza outlet when he approached Brian to help him franchise and grow his boutique group. Pizzarazzi has now expanded to five outlets in Tasmania.

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