Most people start documenting operations randomly, picking the easiest bits and working from the bottom up. The one thing we have learned the hard way though, is that creating and documenting systems can become confusing unless you take a clear step by step approach to the whole thing, starting from the top with the big picture of the structure of your business or franchise group.

You see, it’s all about people

You have to structure your business or franchise group so you give your franchisees and staff the best possible opportunity to bring in the money. Afterall they are the only ones who are responsible for this task.

You need to develop your Core Franchise or Business Structure around the characteristics of your customer and the ideal franchisee or sales staff you want to deliver your product. And then provide support to fill the likely gaps in their skill profile.

So this is how our team works with you, through a staged process to define and create your systems and operations

  • You define the big picture structure of your business or franchise group
  • You define the main structure of your operations manuals
  • Only then do you extract your detailed operations and document them in the format of your choice

We work through the steps

Define the big picture

First, we work with you to clarify exactly what you want your staff or franchisees to do, and then build the big picture of your business around these features.

We do this by holding a half day strategic session with lots of butchers’ paper and textas and many questions. Tasks are allocated to a departmental structure which forms the Core Franchise Structure or CoreBusiness Structure

Your franchise group Core Franchise Structure is the foundation of the work you will do in any of the Franchise Simply Programs and in building your operations manuals.

It defines:

  • What the franchise or business does exactly
  • The likely personality of your ideal franchisee or key staff
  • The skills gaps which may exist and help they will need to get the job done and bring in the money
  • What you need to do to provide this help
  • What you need to do to meet the franchisor side of the bargain
  • How the business is going to be structured to meet these needs

Define the main structure of your operations manuals

We also use this big picture to define the structure of your operations manuals and we create the main headings to make ongoing work much easier.

Work out your detailed operations

Finally, the detail is developed by you or with us and your staff within our FranSystems® software system or you can use your own.

Our easy to use, secure software system is perfect for developing your operations. You can use text, video, images and add any templates, forms or decuments as attachments. The result is an operations manual staff and franchisees love to use so it makes delegation easy. At a flat rate per business, you get as much space to load your systems as you need for up to 40 users.

And we give you a trial period so you can see how the system works.

Choose the way we help you to develop the detail

Option 1

Define the big picture

We help you define the big picture of your business system by conducting the Core Franchise Structure or Core Business Structure Workshop over two and a half days where we:

  • Get to know your business
  • Identify the issues you face today
  • Go through business growth theory so we are all on the same page
  • Look at your opportunities for growth
  • We send you a report clearly outlining your new structure
  • Have time with us over the next three months to discuss each step and review work you have completed

You can then decide if you want to move on to develop the detailed systems for each department with Option 2 outlined below or do it on your own.

Option 2

We work with you to develop your operations manuals for your business or franchise group

You get

  • Everything in Option 1
  • Using the information from the Core Franchisor Structure or Core Business Structure workshop we come up with your first list of main headings for your core business operations manual
  • We give you 3 months’ free access to our easy to use, secure software to host your operations manuals in the cloud
  • We give you time with us over the next three months to discuss each step and review work you have completed

Option 3

We work with you and we write your Operations Manuals for you using information provided by you about your business

You get:

  • Everything in Option 2
  • We write your operations for you
    • You give us the information to develop the detail of your core business systems. One person in your organisation works with us to collect information specific to the way you run your business.
    • We use this information and refer to processes for general business systems we have on record and our extensive business and systems experience to document your processes in a simple and relevant format
    • We write or otherwise record your systems in FranSystems® software

The result is you get a structure and systems to grow your business into a changing future

Not sure this process is for you?

Take advantage of our free 20-minute phone consultation to find out more

See the results... Achieved by our clients

Liz Hannaway
Brilliant Branding Brand Storyteller

Over the last number of years, we have had the pleasure of working with Prue Keen and Franchise Simply as part of their coaching and consulting team for potential franchisors. Prue provides a strategic and professional approach coupled with attention to detail in all aspects of editing, copywriting and documentation. When we executed the rebranding process for Franchise Simply it was a delight to collaborate with Prue. The result was a contemporary website and succinct marketing collateral for the Franchise Simply brand to move forward. Prue’s coordination role in assisting potential franchisors on the sometimes daunting task of documentation has simplified the journey for so many businesses. Her strategic assessments, management flow insights, writing skills and follow-up processes minimise client stalls to achieve their goals for a successful business model. We are delighted to endorse Prue Keen!

Dave Jenyns
Melbourne SEO and Video

Great writers are hard to find, so when you do find them, it's important to keep them close. That's one of the reasons I've worked with Prue Keen over the years. She is the diamond in the rough who has a great, rounded skills set including copywriting, systems and processes documentation and general writing skills. We often work with Prue directly and even send our clients to her.

Being quick, cost effective and with a great attention to do detail - Prue Keen is highly recommend.

Case Studies

National Drones
National Drones

In 2015 over a beer Brad Aylet and Kevin Scrimshaw came up with the concept of National Drones. They met Franchise Simply at the August Melbourne Franchise Expo that year and completed their Franchise Success Path Program in record time to launch their franchise spectacularly at the Sydney Franchise Expo in March 2016. They were buried in enquiries all weekend and it was clear already that their exciting new franchise model had taken off. We worked closely with them at three more expos that year and the growth was such they that they have barely needed to do any promotion since. It was also in 2016 that they merged with Fly UAS pilot training school. The next year they opened a Brisbane office and a respected strategic business partnership invested in the company. This enabled them to open in New Zealand in 2018 and continue their impressive growth overseas.


Aziz Elali had operated a number of businesses over the years, including Pizzarazzi, his premium quality edgy and fun concept pizza outlet when he approached Brian to help him franchise and grow his boutique group. Pizzarazzi has now expanded to five outlets in Tasmania.

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