Creating franchise systems franchisees love to use

Without a great system, creating franchises, each looking, feeling and operating alike is not that easy.

Having been involved with franchises for well over 30 years now, including big groups with capital behind them and little groups servicing a region, I know, whatever the size and complexity of the franchise, to delegate well, you need a good system.

A franchise just doesn’t work unless the system works.

In fact, I know a business, franchised or not, just doesn’t work unless the system works.

The thing is, I know most systems are:

Difficult to put together
Difficult for staff and franchisees to use
Difficult to update

So, we have created FranSystems®

A process to create or review business systems and operations, franchised or not,
and a software system specially designed to cater for franchise groups.

FranSystems® is

Simple to put together
Simple for staff and franchisees to use
Simple to update

And we can work with you to make the task even easier

How can we help you now?

Having worked in the franchise sector of over 30 years and seen businesses succeed and fail, I know one common misconception about business systemisation is that you will need to document hundreds of systems before seeing results.

In most cases, business systems are developed around your existing core business and either you or a documentation specialist start work – haphazardly documenting everything from the bottom up.

And the result, supposedly your Operations Manual, is often a large document or piece of software that is badly organised so nothing can be found easily and what’s needed is hidden within sections which seem to apply to other parts of the group.

So, as I have been advised by most of the biggest franchise groups, no one even opens the procedures document or software. They just get on with the job their way so compromising that essential bottom line – everything must look the same, feel the same and operate the same.

The next thing you know, your business is well on the way to mediocre success at best. And you know it should be doing better.

The truth is:

  • Structuring your franchise group or business around the people who will be bringing in the money
  • Then defining just the critical systems needed to deliver your product
  • And defining the support they need to be successfull will have a marked impact on the way your franchise group or business functions and its sales results

How is this done?

Start by defining the big picture

Our Strategic Director will work with you in a live three to four-hour Strategy Session at your place to pull together the Core Franchise Structure or Core Business Structure (Organisation Structure).

This will result in:

  • A broad description of your business or franchise outlet
  • A broad personality profile and skill set of key staff or the franchisees who will be delivering your service to your target market
  • The broad structure of the support system needed to look after your team and fill in any likely skill gaps so they can become successful and profitable
  • The broad organisation structure of your franchise group or business
  • A start on developing the operations systems for your core product around this sales-based product

Finally, you will have a clear way forward which focuses on the systems and processes which will provide the best return on your efforts.

See the results... Achieved by our clients

Being quick, cost effective and with a great attention to do detail - Prue Keen is highly recommend.

Great writers are hard to find, so when you do find them, it's important to keep them close. That's one of the reasons I've worked with Prue Keen over the years. She is the diamond in the rough who has a great, rounded skills set including copywriting, systems and processes documentation and general writing skills. We often work with Prue directly and even send our clients to her.

Dave Jenyns
Melbourne SEO and Video
What we like most about Prue is that she catered the program we are developing to our individual needs showing great patience and knowledge.

She is always there to help us giving detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to systemise and document our business ultimately resulting in greater understanding and growth; more than we could have imagined.

This is a continual learning curve and one which we are extremely happy to continue with Prue

Gordon and Chantale McCallum
Golf Ladies First
We have no hesitation in recommending Prue Keen to anyone who has a need to document their business’s plans, processes or policies.

Prue Keen (Franchise Simply) has been a fantastic partner of Earworx since its creation 3 years ago. We have found her knowledge and experience very helpful with our various written needs. We have received a full range of services from Prue from relatively simple proof reading and advice about our various levels of documentation, through to complex strategic work that resulted in our highly successful and useful operations manual.

You will find the service offered attentive, efficient, and effective. We are thrilled with our on-going association with Prue Keen and wish to actively encourage others to use her services as they will result in you having better and more useable documentation for your business without doubt.

Lisa Hellwege
Director and Founder of Earworx.
We would highly recommend Prue Keen anyone who has a need to document their business’s plans, processes or policies. We have no hesitation recommending Prue to anyone seeking assistance in the professional writing arena.

Simon & I have been involved with Prue Keen for over three years and she was instrumental in guiding us through the franchise process for our business. Prue has an eagle eye for detail and a sharp acumen for systemisation and efficiency. We found her experience invaluable as we worked through the operations manuals for both franchisee and franchisor. Prue has the ability to cut through masses of information and bring clarity and focus on what is really necessary to achieve a good outcome for everyone.

Simon & Sandra Allars
Founders and Director Age Well Mobile Massage

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